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FLOAT 3D Printing

Think lenticular but think different! While common lenticular images are printed onto special lenticular media, the FLOAT 3D™ process produces the print as well as the lenses.

What is FLOAT 3D™? 

FLOAT 3D is a special effect workflow from Sunrise Hitek. Using a combination of hardware, software, and material, images printed with FLOAT 3D™ look like they're floating in front of a background.


The Range of Applications for FLOAT 3D™

  • POP/POS displays
  • Corporate lobby displays
  • Logo panels
  • Backlit lightbox displays
  • Product showcases
  • Airport graphics
  • Store window displays
  • Vending machine inserts

How are FLOAT 3D™ images created?

FLOAT 3D™ images need to print on a clear material, 3mm or 1/8" clear acrylic is the most popular. The full color image is printed as second surface (mirror image), and an opaque white layer is applied. On the front of the material, a microlens pattern is printed over the background area, and creates the special 3D effect.



How does FLOAT 3D™ compare with Lenticular?

FLOAT 3D™ is meant to showcase a single high-res image against a background, while lenticular is used to display multiple images at different angles. FLOAT 3D™ has the following advantages:

  • Completely independent of lenticular material – any clear acrylic and similar transparent materials are suitable substrates
  • Available at any dimension up to 5'x10' (lenticular material has size limitations)
  • Much higher image resolution than lenticular with perfect registration every time