The Complete Guide to Environmental Graphics and How They are Changing the Way We Communicate

Complete Guide to Environmental Graphics

What is Environmental Graphics?

Environmental Graphic Design is the process of designing a space to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. It is an important part of branding, as it creates a visual identity for the company. Environmental Graphics can also be used to create a more productive environment by providing visual cues that help people find their way around, way-finding, and also reinforce the mission statement, goals and values of the business to both employees and visitors.

We work with Environmental Graphic Design Agencies and Corporate Clients to print, fabricate and install Environmental Graphics.

Environmental Graphics in the Workplace

Environmental graphics are a type of signage that is used to promote a company’s brand and identity. They are often used in offices, retail stores, and other commercial spaces.

Large dimensional logo sign in office

Large Logo Sign in Office

Large dimensional logo sign in an office. We can make these for indoor or outdoor use. They can have front-lit letters or backlit halo glow via integrated LED lighting. Single-color or multi-color lighting is available.

See CDW Project Photos

Environmental graphics large logo sign in office

Company's Core Message

Using a combination of cut vinyl lettering and 3D letters, the company's name was highlighted on the wall.

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Cut Vinyl Lettering Conference Room Name Sign

Large cut vinyl lettering for conference room names. Cut vinyl lettering works well for glass as well doors and walls.

3D dimensional logo on office wall

3D Elements on Wall

Large MDF strips painted in the company's corporate colors were applied to the conference room wall and adjacent wall to supplement the logo.

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Custom printed transluscent privacy film conference room

Privacy Film

Custom printed and cut privacy film obscures people in the room while letting others know the conference room is occupied.

Custom Printed Acrylic Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional Acrylic Letters

These large blue acrylic letters were printed on the back side of clear acrylic with a gradient and then mounted to the wall. The lower line of text was gloss black acrylic.

See CDW Project Photos

Popular Environmental Graphics for Offices

The most popular environmental graphics for offices are privacy film, custom wallpaper and dimensional logo signs.

Privacy Film

For a very unique privacy film, we can print opaque white on clear film so you can change the opacity of the film in any pattern, shape or size you want. This is a very popular technique because you can match the design to the rest of the office space.

Wallpaper & Wall Graphics

Custom printed wallpaper can be a very cost effective option to bring unique look to your office. It can be a subtle pattern or a bold graphic statement. If you want more variety it could be cut vinyl letting or custom printed vinyl.

Dimensional Letters & Logo Signs

Dimensional logo signs are very popular in office buildings in the reception and lobby areas. These logo signs can be made to be quite subtle with a matching color to the background or float away from the wall and be back or front lit with colored lighting. We have no standard pricing on these as they are all unique.

Environmental Graphics in Education

School pride is a feeling of belonging, accomplishment, and excitement for what one's school has done. It is a feeling that is not just exclusive to the student body but also the faculty and staff as well. It can be seen in many ways such as school colors, murals, school mascot or even through awards for school sports teams.

Custom printed windscreens are a very popular way to spread school pride even before students, faculty and parents even step food in the school. Placed outside on existing cyclone fences, they are a cost-effective way to get your school noticed.

Education Examples

  • Perforated Windscreens
  • Marketing Centers
  • Athletic Field Banners
  • School Pride Murals
  • School Branding
  • Custom Wallpaper
Custom Printed Athletic Field Windscreens with School Logo

Athletic Field Windscreens

We can print logos, mascots and graphics on windscreens. These work great for branding athletic fields at schools.

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Custom Printed Wall Mural at School

Wall Mural

Custom printed and cut privacy film obscures people in the room while letting others know the comference room is ocupied.

Wall Graphics and Mascots

Wall Graphics and Mascots

These large blue acrylic letters were printed on the back side of clear acrylic with a gradient and then mounted to the wall. The lower line of text was gloss black acrylic.

See Project Photos

Environmental Graphics in Retail & Commercial Real Estate

Retail spaces such as lobbies, malls shops and stores can also take advantage of environmental graphics. Window graphics, either temporary, seasonal or long term, can bring big bold messages to an area without taking up any floor space.

Printing or wrapping temporary walls in lobbies, malls and even outside on the sidewalk are a good way to promote a brand or a grand opening. They could be used to display new amenities being added to a building or the announcement of a new store. Outdoor barricades and temporary walls can be covered with a full graphic wrap that can also be laminated with anti-graffiti film to make it resistant to markers and spray cans and also much easier to clean up. Commercial Real Estate benefits from environment graphics by offering lots of elements for marketing centers to help describe the amenities of the space, building and nearby facilities.

Retail & CRE Examples

  • ADA Signage
  • Perforated Window Graphics
  • Marketing Centers
  • Construction Banners
  • Construction Barricades
  • Lobby Signs
  • Temporary Walls
Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated window graphics are easy to see and read from the ouside while still letting in plenty of light into the space. We offer instalation with both union and non-union installers nationwide.

See Willis Tower Project Photos

Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated Window Graphics

A great way to showcase and advertise a retail space is by using window graphics. Here they are used to show a new retail space that is under construction.

Construction Sign Barricade

Construction Sign Barricade

Here is an example of using custom artwork to wrap a construction barricade. This project started as an original painting that was scanned and printed 4 times larger than the original size and laminated with anti-graffiti film.