Sunrise Hitek – Showcases for Resllers

Showcases for Resellers

Custom Printed USB DrivesSpice Presentation BoxCanvas on FrameLaser Cut AcrylicTable CoversCustom MagnetsHersheys BinderCustom 3D USB Drives
Custom Printed USB Drives
Spice BoxCanvas on FrameLaser Cut AcrylicTable CoversCustom MagnetsHershey's BinderCustom 3D USB Drives
Acrylic CoasterSlipcaseiPhone CaseMetal CardsCanvas on FrameiPad CaseVGBio Test KitFence Banner
Acrylic CoasterSlipcase with USB Holder
iPhone CaseMetal CardsCanvas on FrameiPad CaseVGBio Test KitFence Banner
Counter StandeeAcrylicPerfect BindingFloor GraphicsDie-Cut Greeting CardsUSB MailerCustom Poker ChipsPrototype Packaging
Wooden Box & Foam InsertTeardrop and Feather Banners
Perfect BindingFloor GraphicsDie-Cut
Greeting Cards
USB Holder w/ Magnet ClosureCustom 
Poker Chips
Prototype Packaging
Counter StandeeAcrylicDecalsPrint on AnythingStandee DisplaysSpot CoatingMuseum ExhibitSuperman Bag Liner
Counter-top StandeeAcrylic WorkA Decal for Every Surface
Print on AnythingStandee DisplaysSpot UV CoatingNature Museum Exhibit
Bag Liner
Showcase Previews 33Showcase Previews 34hexagon3dletterskissdiecutnaturemuseumDiecutInvitation Enveleope
Retail Display Package
Prototype PackagingHexagon
Logo Signs
Kiss/Die Cutting
Nature Museum
Kiss-Cut &
Holiday Cards
Showcase Previews 25Showcase Previews 26Showcase Previews 27Showcase Previews 28Showcase Previews 29Showcase Previews 30Showcase Previews 30Showcase Previews 32
Building and Street Banners

Bound BooksLogitech 
P.O.P. Display
Garage Door and Retail Graphics
Tradeshow Display PackageCustom Tab-CuttingMagiClingTaste of Chicago 2010
Showcase Previews 17Showcase Previews 18Showcase Previews 19 Showcase Previews 20Showcase Previews 21Showcase Previews 22Showcase Previews 23Showcase Previews 01
Layered Office
Lobby Graphics
Retail Lobby GraphicsSurfboard StandeeVDP Printing & Mailing
Monthly NewslettersVDP Direct MailDVD PackageRetail Store Make-Over
Showcase Previews 09Showcase Previews 10Showcase Previews 11Showcase Previews 12Showcase Previews Showcase Previews 14Showcase Previews 15Showcase Previews 16
WallpaperEvent & Directional Signage
Aluminum TinsProduct
Flip Book
Ceiling BannersOutdoor SignageDimensional Logo/LettersMagnetic 
Lobby Display
Showcase Previews 01Showcase Previews 02Showcase Previews 03Showcase Previews 04Showcase Previews 05Showcase Previews 06Showcase Previews 07Showcase Previews 08
Aluminum Cover Presentation Book
Retail Store Wave GraphicScratch-Off CardsSelf-Standing TowerAluminum
Wall Art
Retractable Banners


Window Film

Backdrop Graphics
Digital Metallic Foil PrintingBulls RMHC DisplayNike World Basketball FestivalLoop Stitched BooksLaser Cut Invitation   
Digital Metallic Foil PrintingBulls RMHC DisplayNike World Basketball Festival
Loop Stitched BooksLaser Cut Invitation