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Sunrise Hitek debut this "News" page to announce the latest and greatest coming out of Sunrise. From special projects to the newest in printing technology, check back here for to see what's happening.



New Postage Rates Go Into Effect January 22, 2017

New USPS rates for January, 2017. There have been a few changes, but surprisingly some prices have gone down.

To download the new rate sheet as a PDF click here > New USPS Mail Rates for January 2017.

Select rates for First-Class Mail®ExpiringNew Prices
Single-piece Letter – First ounce$0.47 $0.49
Single-piece Metered – First ounce$0.47 $0.46
Single-piece Flat – First ounce$0.94 $0.98
Each additional ounce (letters and flats)$0.21 $0.21
Parcels - Retail $2.62 (0-3 oz.)$2.67 (0-4 oz.)
Each additional ounce after 4 oz.(parcels)$0.19 $0.18
Postcards$0.34 $0.34
Presorted letter – (now same price up to 3.5 oz.)$0.45 $0.45
Surcharge for non-machinable letters$0.21 $0.21
Presorted flat - First ounce$0.80 $0.80
Each additional ounce (presorted flats)$0.21 $0.21
Automation letters & Postcards - 5-digit - First ounce$0.38 $0.37
Automation flat - 5-digit - First ounce$0.44 $0.45
Surcharge for non-machinable letters$0.21 $0.21
Select rates for USPS Marketing Mail®
(previously Standard Mail®)
Letter 3.5 ounces or less – AADC (Non-automation) $0.29 $0.28
Flat 4 ounces or less – ADC (Non-automation)$2.55 $0.56
Select rates for Other Services
Certified Mail™$3.30 $3.35
Media Mail® – 1 lb. Single-Piece$2.61 $2.63
Library Mail – 1 lb. Single-Piece$2.48 $2.50
Return receipt - retail$2.70 $2.75
Return receipt - electronic $1.35 $1.45




Sunrise Hitek Print Multi-Piece Suite for Bridal Shower


Chicago Digital printer Sunrise Hitek have been printing wedding invitations for years. However, wedding invitations have evolved over the years from often just a simple invitation in an envelope, to save the dates, RSVP cards, maps and hotel accommodation cards, seals and belly bands. Sunrise prints all of these as well as printed tags and stickers for personalized favors.

In the age of crafting and Pinterest; weddings, showers, and even birthday parties are bigger and more well planed than ever. Sunrise Hitek recently created a complete bridal shower suite for a bridal shower being thrown for about 30-40 people. The wedding colors were gold and Tiffany blue. Sunrise printed a 5”x7” invitation on 100lb. Uncoated Cover to make the colors really pop. Sunrise was able to find gold metallic envelopes that they then printed the addresses on for a professional look. They also printed a 3.5”x2” wedding registry card. Lastly, they printed two different 2” circular labels. One label was affixed to custom hair ties that referred to the couple “tying the knot” and the second was for soap that the printable said “from our shower to yours”. Since Sunrise prints on digitally on HP Indigo presses, using real ink, not toner, all printed pieces are the highest quality. Cohesive invitation suites are what brides and party planners are looking for when they print custom pieces.







Sunrise Hitek Installs swissQprint Nyala UV Printer

Sunrise Hitek are excited to announce the installation of their new swissQprint Nyala UV Printer.

This flatbed printer boasts super high print quality and a 5'x10' table size allowing for roll-to-roll printing up to 126" wideAnother unique feature of this press is that opaque white ink is printed inline as opposed to in a separate pass. The swissQprint Nyala even prints 3-4 times faster than the Gandi 2030 large format UV printer.

Features abound with this press. One of the most amazing features is the FLOAT 3D effect which gives the appearance of a lenticular printed piece while not having to use a lenticular material. The effect is made by printing layers onto a clear material, usually acrylic. This 3D dimensional background printing is a great solution to make signage really pop. This press can also print spot gloss varnish with a raised texture to add even more attention to printed materials.